Chiropractic Care

Maintain a healthier pregnancy with chiropractic care

Chiropractic care can help you maintain a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. Chiropractic care diagnoses and treats disorders of the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints. Chiropractic care can prevent or treat:

  • Back, neck & hip pain
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Pelvic misalignment
  • Constipation
  • Pubic pain
  • Displaced ribs

All of the chiropractors that are a part of our network are certified and experienced in working with pregnant and postpartum people. Our chiropractors will use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen and will only recommend exercises and stretches that are safe to use during pregnancy. Chiropractors not only provide symptom-based care, but are dedicated to your overall health and well-being. We can help you book with one of our trusted providers today.

Chiropractic care can Enable

A more comfortable pregnancy
Quicker labour & delivery
Faster Postpartum recovery
Proper fetal positioning


Initial Consult

$ 90-125
  • Health history
  • Treatment

Follow up visits

$ 50-65
  • Assessment​
  • Treatment


$ 30-50
  • History/Assessment
  • Treatment

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