Doula Care

Unprecedented Care & Support

Whether you’re planning a birth centre, home or hospital birth, a doula can provide you with the best care and support to help throughout your journey. Childbirth is an exciting and joyful time; it can also be challenging, exhausting, and overwhelming for many parents. With this in mind, it is a doulas’ mission to be by your side to provide:

  • Advocacy
  • Encouragement
  • Continuous labour support
  • Physical & emotional support
  • Partner support
  • Education

Doulas are dedicated to providing the best birth and postpartum support to women and families. We will connect you with a doula who will provide exceptional care and invaluable support. We’ve partnered with trained and experienced experts and can help you find the right doula today.

Benefits of doula care

Reduced anxiety
Lower rate of medical intervention
Lower rate of C-section
Shorter labour
Increased maternal satisfaction
Higher rates of breastfeeding success


Birth Doula

$ 450-2000+
  • Virtual options
  • Prenatal visits
  • On call support
  • Birth support
  • Postpartum visits

Postpartum Doula

$ 500-2600+
  • Day & night support
  • Baby care techniques
  • Newborn feeding support
  • Light chores
  • Meal prep

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