5 Things Every Pregnant Person Actually Needs

At Womb & Wellness we’re always on the lookout for great resources, products and anything that will be helpful for family planning, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Womb & Wellness has you covered with all of the services you need to stay healthy and feel great during pregnancy, but there’s so much information out there that we wanted to share a few of our favourites! Here are the Womb & Wellness 5 things every pregnant person actually needs:

1. Sprout Collection 
Although it feels like you’ll be pregnant forever, buying a whole new wardrobe for 2 trimesters of pregnancy (and maybe into the postpartum) just doesn’t make sense. Sprout Collection allows you to have the stylish clothes you need without spending your baby’s college fund. With Sprout Collection you simply rent the clothes you need, when you need them. A perfect service for pregnant people! Whether you need new outfits regularly or occasionally for special events, Sprout Collection has a package to suit your needs. So, instead of buying that maternity dress for your baby shower that you’ll never wear again, just get it from Sprout Collection for a fraction of the cost, and send it back when you’re done. They even handle the shipping and cleaning! With both maternity and an everyday line, Sprout Collection allows you to elevate your style in a sustainable way.

2. Joeyband
Inspired by a mom whose infant had a fall, Joeyband allows you to give your arms a rest with your infant on your chest. Once your baby arrives, you quickly learn that you have gone from carrying them on the inside, to carrying them on the outside. While seated, your baby is often on your chest, but it’s nice to comfortably rest your arms without fear of your baby slipping off. Joeyband holds your baby securely in place, allowing you to give those arms a much needed rest. It’s lightweight material and simple design make it comfortable and easy for any new parents. Facilitating skin to skin, preventing infant falls and assisting with breastfeeding, Joeyband truly does ease the transition from womb to world for both babies and parents alike. 

3. Willful
New babies undoubtedly come with new responsibilities. Something expecting parents might not realize is that they should have a will or update their existing will when they have a new baby. Willful makes having an up to date will quick and easy. No appointment needed so there’s no excuses. Simply go to Willful.co and create your legal will, it’s just that easy. The way their system guides you through the process question by question really simplifies this normally complex process. With definitions and helpful tips throughout the process, Willful makes estate planning simple for everyone. The decisions made in a will are difficult but Willful makes the process easy. This is a great service that easily allows you to check an important task off your list. 

4. OMama
All pregnant people need good resources like OMama. Sure, you can search anything online, but not everything you find is accurate. Although people’s personal stories are good to hear, getting them unfiltered from the internet can be confusing when you’re looking for facts. The information contained on the OMama website and app has been assembled and reviewed by experts in the field and is based on evidence. Pregnancy inspires so much unsolicited advice; although you don’t need to know everything, you should know enough to filter out the bad information. To decrease the confusion and worry,  you should have a few good resources, like OMama, where you can go for information you can trust. 

5. Grocery delivery service
As new parents you’ll need to shorten your to do list and online grocery shopping allows you to do that without compromising your family’s needs. There’s so many options for grocery delivery. Some are store specific while others (like Instacart) allow you to shop at multiple stores and get all of your groceries in one delivery. Get what you need, from where you need it, without lugging yourself or your baby around the stores. With a newborn you are often fitting tasks between naps, feedings and diaper changes. What used to be a quick trip now takes planning and coordination. You will adjust to your new routine as a parent, but it is important to prioritize and simplify when possible. With so many grocery delivery options out there, do yourself a favour and use one, at least during the early postpartum period. At first, spend your time bonding and getting to know your baby and let someone else shop and deliver your groceries to you.

There you have it! After reading this I hope you will recline on your bed holding your baby skin to skin secured by your Joeyband, while you choose a new outfit for your upcoming ‘Sip and See’ from Sprout Collection, eating strawberries that were just delivered with your groceries. When your friend calls and interrupts mentioning what you shouldn’t eat that while breastfeeding, you quickly check the OMama app and can rest assured that’s not true. Doing all this, while having the peace of mind that your will is up to date thanks to Willful. To help you, we contacted Joeyband, Sprout Collection and Willful who gave us coupon codes exclusively for our Womb & Wellness customers. Make sure you join our mailing list to take advantage of these savings!

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