Pandemic Proof Baby Gifts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re finding ways to adapt. We are all adjusting to the new normal which includes figuring out ways to celebrate life events, like new babies! Many baby showers have gone virtual or been cancelled altogether. With the holidays right around the corner, sharing in the joy of a new baby will need to be done differently this year. You may still want to send gifts to family or friends that are expecting or who have recently had a baby, even though you won’t be able to visit in person. Here are some pandemic proof baby gifts that are helpful and thoughtful.

Maternity services
You’ll rarely find this on a baby registry, but maternity services truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s a prenatal class, a massage or chipping in for a doula, gifting services encourages new or expecting parents to prioritize their health and wellbeing. A gift certificate from Womb & Wellness comes along with the guarantee that we’ll follow up with the recipient and help them connect with the care they need. Gifts with a postpartum focus are also an amazing idea. Companies like One Tough Mother focus on the postpartum period and creating products to help people recover and thrive after having a baby. This is the type of gift that people really appreciate because they often don’t realize they need it.

Food – Meal kit, Grocery delivery, etc.
Food is a very thoughtful gift that can be so helpful to families with a newborn. Consider gifting a grocery delivery full of useful items and pantry staples, or a meal kit subscription is another fantastic idea. You can’t go wrong with easy recipes and all of the ingredients to cook a healthy meal. You might want to give new parents a couple of months before starting their subscription, because cooking meals during the immediate postpartum period can be difficult. Old favourites like fruit baskets are wonderful for new parents, especially when they may not be able to get some of their favourite snacks. At a time when visitors are limited and outings are minimal, food is a gift that shows you understand the challenges of new parenthood and a pandemic.

Local treasures
We know that many small businesses have been hit hard during this pandemic. If you’re buying a gift, support your local business owners. Baby clothes, toys, carriers etc., do a little research and see if you can find a local businesses to support. If you don’t know what to get, a gift card to a local shop is a great idea too. Resist the easy option and spend some time picking a unique gift from a friend, neighbour or nearby entrepreneur. A useful baby gift that’s locally made is a win, win!

Pandemic Memorabilia
These are unprecedented times, but as much as we want this to be over, we’ll want to remember it when it’s gone. Pregnancy and birth during a pandemic are an experience like no other. Pandemic themed ornaments, clothing, mugs etc. are a fun way to commemorate the uniqueness of this experience. Gifts like journals or scrapbooks really encourage new or expecting parents to reflect on their special journey. If you’re stuck for ideas, online marketplaces like Etsy have tons of options, happy shopping!

There’s still so many ways to show people that you care and share in their joy. Maternity services are the gift that everyone needs but no one will ask for. During pregnancy or postpartum you can’t go wrong with sending food. Shopping local to find a unique gift, that you know they won’t already have multiples of, is a wonderful idea during this pandemic and beyond. And a gift that celebrates new life during the craziness of the Coronavirus gets you extra points. Although the world is quite different right now, there’s new and old ways to celebrate and share well wishes.

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